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    VISIONS OF THE LAND IN INDIA // and elsewhere 

    a 3 days online workshop // free of cost 

    offered by Trimukhi Platform and MACE

    Visions of the land in India (and elsewhere)

    through MOODLE - by French anthropologist MARC HATZFELD

    on Friday 29, Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 May 2015


    Trimukhi Platform and MACE join forces to offer a 3 days online workshop by French anthropologist Marc HatzfeldVisions of the land in India (and elsewhere). The reason being simply the situation in India: the possibility that the law regarding land acquisition may be changed as a consequence of which the stress will fall largely on the farmers as well as on the tribals. It is important to generate thinking on this matter, perhaps in a more inventive and creative way than what is currently being done by the media and politicians... And to offer this online workshop free of cost is once again due to the present scenario and debate surrounding land in India: to help to produce thinking is more important than making money out of it.

    As an introduction to the course, Marc Hatzfeld wrote:

    "We are going to conduct a collective survey on a sensitive issue. We are going to interview people of all ages, genders, jatis and social upbringings about their vision of the land. We don’t want ideas or opinions, which are much easier to deliver and to catch. We want to go deeper in people’s intimacy, asking for representations, images, emotions. We’ll face this timidity of the interviewed person who may tend to escape what could look like introspection and proclaim statements or dire facts instead. We don’t mind either of those, but we also want visions. The general idea behind this choice rests on the philosophical principle that, as the european philosopher Nietzsche wrote somewhere, thoughts are but the shades of emotions."


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    For registration send an e-mail to:MACE

    • academic.coordinator@trimukhiplatform.com
    • mace.mhs@gmail.com 


    Phone: +91 33 22 81 68 72





    Marc Hatzfeld

    Marc Hatzfeld is a social anthropologist based in south of France. He studied law, political sciences and ethnology. In 1970-71, he was assistant professor at Vincennes University. Then he travelled on the five continents. Then he lived in Toulouse, being a social worker. Back in Paris in 1990, he worked as a consultant on social issues, for city boards, local NGOs and ministerial bodies. He co-animated  seminars at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales and gave lectures on urban sociology at University René Descartes. He published 6 books.. 

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    Trimukhi Online Workshop

    Proposing workshops on line sounds contradictory. If done “online”, the activity may be seen as a virtual one while a “workshop” always calls for going deeper and concretely into real problematic or issue. But precisely, each Trimukhi online workshop starts by inviting the participants to develop a real and concrete practice: doing a survey, photographing one's own neighborhood, recording sounds in the metro, etc. From this real involvement and the critical analysis of it, thought will be then produced through discussions in an online forum…

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    Fabricate (Fabric of) Arts

    The first issue of Fabrique de l’Art - Fabricate (Fabric of) Arts n°1 is going for printing now. The journal contains texts by Emilio García Wehbi, Gaston Roberge s.j., Rolf Abderhalden, Victor Viviescas, Rodrigo Garcia, Jean-Frédéric Chevallier, Joseph Danan, Denis Guénoun, Matthieu Mével, Julien Nenault, John Butcher, Samantak Das, Nilanjana Gupta, Madhuja Mukherjee, Bidyut Kumar Roy and Miguel Ferrao; visual works by Henri Barande, María José Argenzio and Chittrovanu Mazumdar. You can order a printed copy (196 pages, 21 x 28 cm) at once…

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    MACE is a hub of activities ranging from deeply academic pursuits to aesthetic concerns, exploring human behavior to contemporary dance forms. In the last few years it has evolved into a vibrant learning centre and an "equal opportunity space", allowing senior citizens, high school students, careerists and individuals across boundaries to coexist in a classroom environment.


    Trimukhi Platform arises from the desire to create a platform from where to act in three different directions: social work, artistic creations and theoretical research. Art and thought need to be produced by all strata of society so there is not only a diversity of propositions but also relevance and accuracy.


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