• Akashkushum Rochona Kora

    Ankur KalaWith Fatma Begum, Shibani Bagh, Renu Begum, Anna Dcruze, Parboti K, Sajda Khatoon, Zubaida Niza Artistic collaboration: Madhuri Chaudhuri, Annie Joseph Lighting: Mamata Roy Photos: Marco de Swarte

     Conception and direction: Jean-Frédéric Chevallier



    Hosted by Ankur Kala, 72B Park Street, Calcutta August-November 2008

    Produced by Ankur Kala & Trimukhi Platform


        Akashkushum Rochona Kora Akashkushum Rochona Kora  Akashkushum Rochona Kora


    During four months, Jean-Frédéric Chevallier worked with seven women from Ankur Kala. What they have produced all together, it's a kind of walking performing act. The audience, in very reduce number, is invited to cross different spaces of the training centre and to contemplate, in a very simple way, the presence of the women who are there. In this sense, it's a complete no dramatic proposition. There is no character, no story, no conflict, only a sweet invitation to go on in our life journey. If there is any meaning, it is build by each one in the audience, personally, differently, and from his own feeling. Something a little different from what Calcutta public is used to see.








    ANKUR KALA is a voluntary organisation working in Calcutta, West Bengal, India. Most of the women who come there are victims of oppression and exploitation, forced to shoulder a harsh burden of both domestic and economic needs of their families. They usually have no assets and live in small rented houses in appalling, unhygienic conditions. They come seeking the centres support to break free of the chains of poverty and oppression and to lead lives of dignity and hope. Ankur Kala provides training - and economic and social empowerment - through teaching various vocational skills, functional literacy, small business management and alternative marketing of various handicraft products and food items produced by the centre.











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