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    a theatre experiment written and performed by 8 Santhal children

    Bachchader Experimentum

    on 19th December 2015 // in Borotalpada tribal village

    ... maybe not "theatre done for children" but surely theatre done by children..!

    This lively experiment is written and performed by Santhal boys and girls aged from 6 to 17 - performed 3 times consecutively... in 3 different places simultaneously: on the top of a Banyan tree, in the middle of an open field bordering the jungle and inside a mud house. 

    For all of those who could not make it last February, this experimental performance will be presented again on Saturday 19th December 2015 at Trimukhi Cultural Centre in Borotalpada.

    The journey to the Santhal village will start in the early morning of the 19th from Howrah station (Kolkata) and will include a walk to discover the tribal area and time to share with the inhabitants of the place.

    You can choose to go back to Kolkata after the performance (reaching Santragachi station before 23:00 and Howrah at 23:25) or to stay overnight and enjoy a little more the place: learning Santhal dances and having dinner with the children (reaching Kolkata around 10:00 the next morning).

    Contribution fee is INR 1,200 if coming back the same day and INR 1,350 if going back next morning. It includes: train tickets, bus, lunch on the way, contribution for the performance, tea/snack at Trimukhi Cultural Centre after the performance (plus dinner and morning tea if staying overnight).

    // BOOKING AT Alliance Française du Bengale / Park Mansions / 57A Park Street / Kolkata / India /

    // WEBSITEwww.trimukhiplatform.com/bachchader-experimentum-a117422626 /

    // FOR MORE DETAILS / contact@trimukhiplatform.com / + 91-33-4006 4810 /






    Bachchader Experimentum on 19th Dec 2015





    Fabricate (Fabric of) Art - Fabrique de l'Art

    // on contemporary arts /

    The first issue of Trimukhi yearly journal Fabrique de l’Art - Fabricate (Fabric of) Arts n°1 is going for printing (198 pages, 21 x 28 cm), with texts and visual works by artists and scholars from India, France, Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Great Britain, Portugal, Argentina, Ecuador and Spain.

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    Trimukhi Patform

    // of Trimukhi Platform /

    To continue being radically independent, we need your participation. Strengthen your relationship with us and become: Honorary Member (Shammaniyo bond), Aficionado Member (Prishtho poshok) or Well wisher Member (Shubhakankhi) of Trimukhi Non-for-profit Society.

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    Aforismo Intempestivo 3-41

    // in Bogota / Colombia /

    Fruit of 2 months rehearsal and directed by Jean-Frédéric Chevallier, Aforismo Intempestivo 3-41 turned to be a double performance involving 11 actors from Bogota Superior Academy of Arts and almost all the rooms that the theatre Teatro Varasanta could offered.

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