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    Trimukhi PlatformTrimukhi platform was founded by Jean-Frédéric Chevallier (theatre director and philosopher), Sukla Bar (social worker) and 18 families from Borotalpada village. The other members of the Governing Body are: Budrai Besra, Chandrai Murmu, Subir Karmakar, Kalicharam Hembrom. Several collaborators are also participating: Marc Hatzfeld (anthropologist, France), Damayanti Lahiri (pedagog, India), Alejandro Orozco (visual artist, Mexico), Sanmoy Karmakar (biologist, India), Sandra Gomez (choreographer, Colombia), Andres Solis (sound artist, Mexico), ets.












    Born in 1973 in Sukla Bar ChevallierIndia, Sukla Bar is a social worker and an alternative education coordinator. From 2000 to 2004, she was hostel in charge for class XI & XII students from poor rural back grounds - Helper Sisters Study House, Barasat. From 2005 to 2008, she coordinated the Drop out main-streaming project, Non Formal Education and International Child Development Program in West Midnapur Tribal areas. In between, she intervened at Casa Esperanza (a shelter house for Latin and Afro-American women and children homeless) and at Children Café (a study house for migrant children), both in Chicago, USA. Since 2009 she worked as art adviser on Drowning Princess film (about the killing of girl fetus in India), Monsoon Night Dream, Guignol's dollThe thing that exists when we aren't therePer Ruptam Silvam, Aforismo Intempestivo 3-41 and Bachchader Experimentum performances (with Santali actors and musicians), as executive producer on Un film de vacances (in a Hindu low cast village and in a Christian one) and as space designer for the sound installation Poller Shwabdo Remix X 2. Twice bachelor (in Art and in Commerce) she recently came back to study and conclude a Master Degree in Social Work (IGNOU, Delhi). Her final disertation was about "Tribal village organisation as a relay to social work". She is General Secretary of Trimukhi Platform.

    Contact: suklabar@trimukhiplatform.com


    Jean-Frédéric ChevallierBorn in 1973 in France, Jean-Frédéric Chevallier is a philosopher (last books: Deleuze about Theatre – Breaking up with Representation, Les Solitaires Intempestifs, France, 2015; Theatre today: a possible typologie, Paso de Gato, Mexico, 2011) and a theatre director (last performances: Bachchader Experimentum, India, 2015-2016; Aforismo Intempestivo 3-41, Colombia, 2015). After teaching at Sorbonne University in Paris for two years and being professor at National University in Mexico for seven years, he is living in Kolkata since nine years, working as managing editor of the yearly French Indian publication Fabrique de l'Art • Fabricate (Fabric of) Art. He is director of Trimukhi Platform.

    Denis Guénoun, emeritus professor from the Sorbonne University in Paris, recently wrote: “Jean-Frédéric Chevallier is walking on a path, personal and professional, extremely singular. He conjugates a theoretical, philosophical work, and an intense theatre practice activity. He formulates in Spanish, English, Bengali and French, thesis and concepts about living arts through which he pursues without ceasing the new characterization of a “Theatre of Presenting.”

    Contact: jfchevallier@trimukhiplatform.com




    Trimukhi Team

    Chandrai Murmu comes from the Santal village of Budruboni. He has been actively involved in the  construction of the Trimukhi Cultural Centre in Borotalpada. And, when the re-construction of the Centre started, after Cyclon Pholin, he had the responsibility to plan the repairing work to be done. He was assistant of the Mexican director Hector Bourges in I saw the world resting within itself and of Jean-Frédéric Chevallier in The thing that exists when we aren't there. In both, he also performed. He took the workshop on creative photography given by the Mexican artist Alejandro Orozco: Light & Sight. He collaborated on the theatre works: Per Ruptam Silvam and Bachchader Experimentum. He designed the lighting for Night of Theatre n°7, the sound and lighting for Night of Theatre n°8. Currently, he is taking Trimukhi Crash Courses on Cultural Project Management.

    Trimukhi TeamChumki Hansda married in Borotalpada Santal village. She was working in her own field, growing also animals, and in other fields when money was necessary. She performed in: Monsoon Night Dream (2009),  I saw the world resting within itself (2012), Serendipity (2014) and Poller Shwabdo Remix X 2 (2015). She has also helped in painting and remaining Trimukhi Cultural Centre walls in the traditional way Santhals do and in often cooking during rehearsals. She has been Vice-president of Trimukhi Platform Government Body for 1 year. She died in March 2015.


    Trimukhi teamKalicharam Hembrom married in Borotalpada Santal village. He has three children. He is farmer and tribal actor. He also works as daily worker in building construction. He acted in Monsoon Night Dream in 2008-2009 and in Guignol's dol in 2012. He was participating in the construction of the Trimukhi Cultural Centre. Since 4 years, he is member of Trimukhi Platform Government Body.



    Trimukhi Team

    Falguni Hansda, lives in Borotalpada Santal village since she married. She is mother of three children. She works in the field as daily worker and as cook in the government primary school kitchen. She coordinates the women self help group of her village. She was actress in Monsoon Night Dream in 2008-2009, in Guignol's dol in 2012 and in The thing that exists when we aren't there in 2013. She participated in the Trimukhi Preambular seminar in 2011. She has been Vice-president of Trimukhi Platform Government Body for 3 years.


    Trimukhi Team

    Budrai Besra lives in Borotalpada Santal village since he married. He has now a 3 years old daughter. He has been director assistant on Bachchader Experimentum and teacher for the 3 months tuition classes organized for tribal children at Trimukhi Cultural Centre. He is taking Trimukhi Crash Courses on Cultural Project Management and playing an active role in Night of Theatre Program Committee. He is now the Coordinator of Trimukhi Cultural Centre.


    Trimukhi Platform TeamNitai Dutta, though working in business, owning a shop in South Kolkata, is also involved in volunteer' activities: for example, giving a hand for the organization of Night of theatre n°7. He is member of Trimukhi Platform Government Body.



    Trimukhi Platform

    Somasree Basu holds a Master Degree in Clinical and Forensic Psychology from Calcutta University (Department of Applied Psychology) and was Intern at R. G. Kar Medical Hospital. She participated in the construction of Borotalpada Cultural Centre as well as in the preparation of the Night of Theatre n°5 and Night of Theatre n°8. She is member of Trimukhi Platform Government Body.


    Bio data

    Partha Datta (academic.coordinator@trimukhiplatform.com), born in Kolkata in 1971, is an educationist and researcher with interest in the areas of sociology of education, anthropology of the state, and development studies. He has a wide experience of working with corporates, development organizations, and academic institutions. He is the Academic Coordinator of Trimukhi Online Workshops program.


    Borotalpada Cultural CentreGirish Soren, 28, from Anlakara Santal village has a Bachelor in Arts with an Alchiki certificate (writing and reading in Santali). He concluded also an Information and Technology course. He has been collaborating with Jean-Frédéric Chevallier and Sukla Bar from 2008 to 2013, as assistant director and as coordinator of logistic and local communication. He participated also in the realization of the Trimukhi Preambular seminar in January 2011.


    Motilal HansdaMotilal Hansda45, from Borotalpada Santal village works with Trimukhi Platform since 2008. He acted and played drums in Monsoon Night Dream and danced in  The thing that exists when we aren't there. He coordinates the Construction of Trimukhi Cultural Centre. He is head of Trimukhi Cultural Centre committee.


    Borotalpada Cultural CentreChamru Soren lives in Borotalpada Santal village. He studied till class ten. He is now 28 and works as teacher-animator for an NGO and part time farmer. He plays traditional harmonium and Santal drum. He participated on Santal Songs album record “Adivashi gan”. He acted in Monsoon Night Dream and in I saw the world resting within itself. He often does wall writings for drama groups. He is member of Trimukhi Cultural Centre committee.


    Trimukhi TeamPini Soren is born in 2006 in Borotalpada Santal village. She is now studying in classe 2. Though only eight years old, she already participated in four Trimukhi theatre performances (I saw the world resting within itself (2012), The thing that exists when we aren't there (2013), Per Ruptam Silvam (2014)), Bachchader Experimentum (2015), a creative workshop (Creatures of flesh and paper (2012)), Crash Courses on Cultural Project Management (2014-2015) and a film-essay to be released next year: Water lily, a matter of facts. As everybody says in Borotalpada, she is the most serious and the most dedicated actress from the whole village.



    Trimukhi Platform team18 families (including children) from the tribal Santal village of Borotalpada are members of Trimukhi Platform non-for-profit society and take part in the organisation of the activities (Night of Theatre, Workshop) as well as in the collective decisions that have to be taken regularly regarding the Cultural Centre.






    Tania Barberán is a photography teacher at the Autonomous University of Mexico City. She has a Bachelor in theatre from the National University of Mexico and a Master degree in linguistic from CIESAS. She has been working on alternative educational projects in tribal area of Mexico. She is keen on working at grass-roots community level on visual languages. She was involved in Trimukhi Preambular Seminar.
    Sanatan Besra is a Santhal musician and choreographer from the village of Chaulbata in West Bengal. Since more than 30 years he is directing his own group, composed by more than 45 dancers and musicians. His group participates in Night of Theatre n°9.
    Mallika Biswas is Bachelor of philosophy. She has diplomas in Bharat Natyam dance and Nazrul song and music. Mother of two childrens, she earns her living as teacher in a government school in the south part of Kolkata. She works on the questions linked with the oppression of women in Indian society. She participated in Trimukhi Preambular Seminar.

    Héctor Bourges studied political science in Mexico City and postgraduate studies in documentary film in Barcelona. He has collaborated with Hector Azar, Juan José Gurrola, Santiago Sierra. He has taught at various national and international academic institutions. In 2000 he founded Teatro Ojo, an artistic collective whose works move between the performing arts and contemporary art. At Trimukhi Cultural Centre, he directed I saw the world resting within itself, 2012 a theatre performance involving actors and children from Borotalpada Santal village.

    Nathali Buenaventura holds a B.A in Plastic Arts and a M.A in Theatre and Living Arts from the National University of Colombia. She works in Bogotá with drawings, installations, body arts and writings. She is teaching at the National University of Colombia. She gave a workshop on paper sculpture and drawing at Trimukhi Cultural Centre. 

    Bertha Diaz born in 1983, in Guayaquil, Ecuador. She holds a Master Degree in Performing Arts by the universities of Brussels, Seville and Paris VIII and is pursuing a PhD at the University of Castilla La Mancha. After organizing performing art events in Mexico and Spain, she lives and works now in her hometown as a performing arts critic journalist and as a university professor. She consideres herself as an “in (inter-trans) disciplined researcher". Her interests are set by the relations/tensions between art and life, the act of writing and the recognition of the importance of body in the production of thinking. In reality, she's not that must interested in the academic and art worlds... If she uses those spaces is only as pretext to provoke poetical events that promote other ways of living together. She is in charge of the Spanish version of Trimukhi yearly journal: Fabricate (Fabric of) Arts.  

    Laurent Fournier is a French architect based in Calcutta, India. As specialist of vernacular architecture, he has been involved in Trimukhi Preambular Seminar.
    Sandra Gomez is a Colombian dancer and choreographer living in Mexico City. For Trimukhi Platform, she has directed Serendipity during Night of Theatre n°7. She has collaborated with Jean-Frédéric Chevallier performing in A breaking down and a multiplication of tissue (Mexico, 2009) and in Per Ruptam Silvam (India, 2014). She is also adviser to Trimukhi Government body.
    Marc Hatzfeld is a social anthropologist based in south of France. He studied law and political sciences in Paris (Univ Paris 1 and Sciences-po) in the sixties, then ethnology (Ecole pratique des hautes études) in the early nineties. He was an assistant professor in Paris 1 and Vincennes universities in 1970 and 1971. He co-animates a seminar in the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris, gives lectures in urban sociology in Université René Descartes in Paris. He published: Quand la marge est créatrice, Petit traité de la banlieue, Les Dézingués, La culture des cités, Petites fabriques de la démocratie and Les lascars. He participated in What to build means? (on the construction of Trimukhi Cultural Centre in a remote Indian tribal village). He collaborated with Jean-Frédéric Chevallier for three theatre performances: Guignol's dol and Per Ruptam Silvam in India and Nous n'habitons plus les paysages in France.
    Piru Hembrom is a Santal tribal choreographer from the village of Belajhur in West Bengal. Since more than 30 years he is directing his own group, composed by 15 women dancers and 12 men musicians. Pirum Hembrom, his dancers and musicians participated in Night of Theatre n°6 (2013), Night of Theatre n°7 (2014) and Night of Theatre n°8 (2015).
    Léo Jalais is a social work coordinator. Settling in India for more than forty years, he was director of L'Arche Calcutta. He participated in Trimukhi Preambular Seminar.
    Sanmoy Karmakar is associate professor in the department of Pharmaceutical Technology at Jadavpur University, Calcutta. He gave classes at Trimukhi Cultural Centre on Awareness on public health and Drinking water issue during the second session of Trimukhi Crash Courses on Cultural Project Management.
    Dimple Kaur is a performing Indian Classical dancer practicing Bhartanatyam, Vilasini Natyam dance forms and a theatre artist from the past 15 years. She has done pioneering research in using Dance as therapy especially in children with handicaps. She is Founding Director of Sumangali Institute of Valuable Arts  (SIVA) a Trust focussed on promoting art forms based in New Delhi, India. She performed during Night of Theatre n°8.
    Damayanti Lahiri is administrator of MACE (Modern Academy of Continuing Education) in Calcutta. Since Trimukhi Preambular Seminar in January 2011, she has been counselling and helping Trimukhi Platform for most of its projects. MACE and Trimukhi Platform have been collaborating for the organization of: R/T Poetry 1, R/T Poetry 2, Arts and Sensations course, Night of Theatre n°5, Night of Theatre n°6. Damayanti is also member of the Drafting Committee of Fabricate (Fabric of) Art, Trimukhi  Platform yearly publication.
    Arup Mahato is a tribal choreographer from the Mahato village of Pathorbandh in West Bengal, India. He is now 51 years old and since 22 years he is directing the tribal dance group he founded Pathorbhander Sandya Pradip Jhumur Nach Dol. He presented three choreographies during the Fifth Night of Theatre.
    Luis Alberto Mariño Fernández started his studies as musician when he was 7 years old in the city of Cienfuegos, Cuba. Then he graduated as a violinist player at Cuban National School of Arts in Havana City in 2005 and postgraduates as a music composer at the High Institute of Art (ISA) in 2008. He has been working in many Chambers Orchestra (first violin in La Habana Chamber Orchestra and in La Habana Soloist Chamber Orchestra) and composed for steels, metals instruments, organ, violin, guitar, piano and strings orchestra. He started his collaboration with Jean-Frédéric Chevallier by composing and playing violin in R/T Poetry 4 – Decoction moment in a Havana Church. Since hen he was engaged on Bachchader Experimentum during Night of Theatre n°8 and Water Lilly.
    Utsarjana Mutsuddi is currently studying a M.A. in English Literature at Jadavpur University, Calcutta. Active thespian, she has been teaching English and Creative writings at Trimukhi Cultural Centre during the second session of Trimukhi Crash Courses on Cultural Project Management.
    Alejandro Orozco studied Fine Arts in Mexico City. He holds a MA in Critical Theory from 17, Institute for Critical Studies and a post-graduation in Aesthetics and Art Theory from the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy at Kingston University, London. He studied also Photography at Iberoamerican University and Video at Centro. He gave a series of courses on Creative photography in Borotalpada village: light & sight. He designed at Trimukhi Cultural Centre, an art installation made of bamboo pieces: Flying Bamboo. He collaborated in the stage work The thing that exists when we aren't there for the Sixth Night of Theatre. He is member of the Drafting Committee of Fabric of (fabricate) Art, the Trimukhi yearly publication and philosophically in charge of the Moodle platform uses on the web for the new series of Trimukhi Online Workshops.
    Paola Ospina holds a B.A in Performing Arts and a M.A in Theatre and Living Arts from the National University of Colombia. She works in Bogotá as actress and performer crossing scenic forms and disciplines. She is teaching theatre acting at the Federal District University Francisco José de Caldas (ASAB). She gave a workshop on body acting at Trimukhi Cultural Centre: Creatures of Flesh and Paper. 
    Yazel Parra Nahmens holds a Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts and a diploma in Art Critics from the Venezuelan Central University, Caracas. Since 2013, she studies a Master's Degree in Theatrical Studies at the Barcelona Theatre Institute and the University of Barcelona, Spain. She took part in the first session of crash courses on Arts and Cultural Project planning at Trimukhi Cultural Centre in July 2014.
    Supriyo Samajdar founded Bibhaban, an experimental theatre company in Kolkata, in 1996 and has been directing, writing plays and leading it since. Since 2002 Samajdar is running his research project "Journey” on Mukta Natya (Open Theatre), exploring the relationship between spectator and performer. He was involved in the workshop What to do with the spectactor?
    Sudipto Shekhar Mridha has been first a student activist... Then he took the next step: "Baul"... He was asked by his guru "to chase the Baul" - to not make a living out of entertaining people by singing as, the guru said, "earning a living by singing is like prostitution: you have to stand in a queue and convince the organizers that they will get the way they want it"...  So Sudipto Shekhar Mridha is floating opposite to the stream. He gives a hand to Trimukhi Platform by introducing computer and internet to 10 youth in Borotalpada Santal village during the third crash courses session at Trimukhi Cultural Centre.
    Andres Solis a Mexican composer and sound artist. His work focuses on exploring free musical forms that intend to dilute the rigid constraints imposed by traditional musical structures. He seeks to assimilate his environment to find his own language through computer assisted composition, improvisation and interdisciplinary collaborations. He has composed for Serendipity in Night of Theatre n°7 and for Poller Shwabdo Remix X 2 in Night of Theatre n°8.
    Rogelio Sosa, born in 1977 in Mexico, is an experimental musician, composer and sound artist. He is also a very active promoter of experimental music in Mexico. Using a wide range of electronic tools, his work includes live performances, compositions and installations and develops in the fields of free improvisation, noise, electroacoustic music and sound art.  His music is edited in Bocian, Sub Rosa, Important and Mode records. He has presented his work in more than 40 cities of America, Europe and Asia. He has been playing live during Night of Theatre n°4 and composing for Poller Shwabdo Remix X 2 showcased during Night of Theatre n°8.
    Beatriz Vaca Domínguez is Project Manager at the French Agency of Development. Before that, she was Deputy Director of the Social and Economic Analysis Department at BANSEFI, a Mexican development bank that focuses in microfinance for development. She has been a consultant for the Training Institute of the Center for Studies and Research in Development and Social Welfare (CEIDAS). She has served as Mexican delegate to various committees of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). She was involved in Trimukhi Preambular Seminar.




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