• Guignol's dol

    Guignol's dol (Trimukhi Platform)With: Falguni Hansda, Surujmani Hansda, Molina Hembram, Parboti Hansda, Hector Bourges, Marc Hatzfled, Kisun Hansda Lyric singer: Arjobeer Aniruddha  Musician: Mohan Hembram  Asistent: Girish Soren  Text: Jean-Frédéric Chevallier Translation: Sukla Bar 

    Directed by Jean-Frédéric Chevallier in collaboration with Marc Hatzfeld 


    Trimukhi Cultural Centre, Borotalpada Village, West Bengal, India.

    Created for the Fifth Night of Theatre on 25th February 2012. 

    Produced by  Trimukhi Platform



    Guignol's dol (Trimukhi Platform)  Guignol's dol (Trimukhi Platform)  Guignol's dol (Trimukhi Platform) 

    Guignol's dol (Trimukhi Platform)  Guignol's dol (Trimukhi Platform)  Guignol's dol (Trimukhi Platform)

    Guignol's dol (Trimukhi Platform)  Guignol's dol (Trimukhi Platform)  Guignol's dol (Trimukhi Platform)


    Guignol’s dol has been created in the Santal tribal village of Borotalpada, West Bengal, India, on 25th February 2012 during the Fifth Night of Theatre. The set-up on which this work relays tends to produce, in the spectators’ eyes a quadruple series of dissonances -that interrogates and stimulates the spectator's senses and thought-. The first dissonance consists in situating the stage not in the heart of an urban metropolis but in a rural and almost wild environment. The second dissonance consists in putting in the mouth of people whose grass root existence is obvious ex-temporal words without geographic anchor. The third has to see with the fact that the words they say are dislocated, broken, as if they would be trying to free themselves from the exigency of conveying a meaning. The last level of dissonance is produced by the coincidence, in a same visual field of individuals whose presence and actions do not want to answer one to the other.

    Once in the periphery, the spectators discovered first a young girl of about 12 years old whose grace relays on the simple elegance of her quotidian way of standing. An opera singer with strong body and heavy movements (and heavy because taking place inside the water) answers her with an aria from César Frank. And it is the spectator the one who has to hold together this two images, this two natures of movements, this two body and the forces they call.The apparition of two women helps him: both meet, exchange bicycle and water pot but without any narrative purpose. This is this lack of negativity that invites the audience to put together the image of the gracious girl and the image of the strong singer.








    Guignol's dol (Trimukhi Platform)Después de tres años de interrupción (para trabajar en la construcción del Centro Cultural), Jean-Frédéric Chevallier volvió a ensayar un montaje teatral con indígenas Santalís. El trabajo, co-dirigido con el antropólogo francés Marc Hatzfeld se estrenó durante la Quinta Noche de Teatro. Se basa principalmente en la presencia de una mujer (Falguni Hansda), una chica (Parboti Hansda) y una niña (Surujmuni Hansda) de la comunidad. Participaron también un cantante lírico de Calcuta y el director mexicano Hector Bourges.






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