• I Saw the World resting within Itself...

    I saw the world resting within itselfMusicians, constructers & actors: Chandrai Murmu, Chamru Soren Actresses & dancers: Chomki Hansda, Sumi Soren, Pini Soren, Parmoni Murmu, Joba Hansda, Chintamoni Hansda, Mati Hembrom Falguni Hansda, Surujmani Hansda, Molina Hembram, Parboti Hansda, Assistant:  Chandrai Murmu  Text: Octavio Paz ("El mono gramatico") Translation: Sukla Bar Chevallier, Girish Soren

    Directed by Hector Bourges in collaboration with Sukla Bar Chevallier



    production CONACULTA (Mexico), Teatro Ojo (Mexico), Trimukhi Platform (India)



    Fifth Night of Theatre    Fifth Night of Theatre

    Fifth Night of Theatre    Fifth Night of Theatre


       Conaculta    Proyecto 3    Teatro Ojo    Modern Academy of Continuing Education   Trimukhi Platform  



    I Saw the World resting within Itself...  had been specially prepared for the Fifth Night of Theatre and rehearsed with Borotalpada Santal villagers during the weeks preceding the night-long festival.

    Before reaching Borotalpada village, the "crazy, strange stage director" (this is how Jean-Frederic Chevalliar of Trimukhi Platform introduced Mexican stage director Hector Bourges to Borotalpada villagers) gave an interview to Suruchi Gupta from HT City / The Hindustan Time. Excerpts:

    >> What made you say yes to a theatre project in a remote village where your cast does not understand your language and vice versa, among other challenges?

    Hector Bourges: Many years ago, I was fascinated by the literature and certain ways of thinking about post-colonialism in India. I have studied political science and the works of political theorist Partha Chatterjee are my texts. More specifically, the idea of Night of Theatre, coming from my old friend (Jean-Frédéric Cevallier), allows the possibility to realise my idea of theatre as an experiment in conviviality. The exercise of translation is also a central part of my work in theatre.

    >> Do you see construction at Borotalpada in contrast to the crumbling down or abandonment of architectural works in Mexico?

    HB: This in itself is an experiment in conviviality. This is a new centre, good for the community, where I will work with their promises, expectation, dreams about this new space, walls, ceilings, win- dows, new distribution of knowledge...

    >> What’s I Saw the World resting within Itself... about?

    HB: "I saw the world resting within itself" is a line in a poem by Octavio Paz, the Mexican writer who was the ambassador to India, a Nobel Prize winner, and for me a very great poet. I want to work with the action of construction, where local construction is used. I will work with the sensual memory of materials. One is the memory of hands that mould the walls and the house. The memory of every object is the expression of desires.

    Read the full interview Hector Bourges gave to The Hindustan Time on 21st February 2012

      Watch the video of Night of Theatre n°5...




    Hector BourgesHéctor Bourges studied political science in Mexico City and postgraduate studies in documentary film in Barcelona. He has collaborated with Hector Azar, Juan José Gurrola, Santiago Sierra. He has taught at various national and international academic institutions. In 2000 he founded Teatro Ojo, an artistic collective whose works move between the performing arts and contemporary art. His most recent artistic projects are exercises of atypical archeology which wish to trace the topography of a failed modernity of Mexico. Some of his projects are:  S.R.E. Guided tours. Performing interferences in the former headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UNAM, Mexico, 2007), ¡NO?Interventions in public space in Mexico City forty years later of the 1968 movement. (UNAM, Mexico, 2008); ~ 750nm [visible spectrum] scenic  transfers  into  the installation "Desvío al rojo " of Cildo Meireles (Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico, 2009), Pasajes. What would be a life form that looked determined at a decisive moment precisely by the latest popular song that is on everyone's lips? Project based in the text “Arcades project" by Walter Benjamin. (México City. FMX, Festival de Mexico, 2010); If you cut an onion in the middle you can see and count all the tunics or layers that form concentric circles around him. Similarly, if you cut  a human head ... [Appearances in the exhibition "Ergo, matter. Arte Povera "] (Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo, México, 2010), México mi amor. Never look back (Project Failed State, 2. Football fields of Multifamiliar Juárez, Mexico City, 2010).







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