• ONLINE workshops

    ONLINE workshopsWith the desire to produce more inventive and creative ways to think of and act in our surrounding realities, Trimukhi Platform is launching a series of Online Workshops. This online learning forum is to engage with a range of disciplines (Arts, Esthetics, Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology, History, Political Thinking) and problematics of both contemporary import and relevance across diverse geographic locales. A wide selection of eminent scholars and artists from across the globe is offering and guiding these online learning modules. The designs of the workshops -using Moodle tools and dynamics- are such as to encourage self and peer-learning, and provide active engagement with one’s own concerns, commitments and contexts. Both inter-disciplinarity and a dialogical relation between theory and practice will be key to the pedagogical orientation of the online learning modules.

    In fact, to propose Online Workshops may sound contradictory. If done “online”, the activity may be seen as a virtual one while a “workshop” always calls for going deeper and concretely into some real problematic/issue. But precisely, each Trimukhi online workshop will start by inviting the participants to develop a real practice: doing a survey, going to photograph the next by street, watching a film, writing a text, reading a book, recording sounds, etc. And it is from this real involvement and the critical analysis of these involvements/experiences that a reflection will be developed online – through discussions in forum.

    Appraisal of learning will be based on level and engagement of the participants and will be certified by Trimukhi Platform and Modern Academy of Continuing Education (MACE, Kolkata) on successful completion of the specific learning module.        

    For further details, contact: academic.coordinator@trimukhiplatform.com