• R/T Poetry 2 - The Royal Bioscope Company

    R/T Poetry 2 - The Royal Bioscope CompanyWith: Priyankar Das, Abhirupa Haldar, Ananya Kanjilal, Indrasena Mukhopadhyay, Ustarjana Mutsuddi Video: Alejandro Orozco  Text: Jean-Frédéric Chevallier Translation: Sukla Bar 

    Directed by Jean-Frédéric Chevallier 



    MACE hall, Kolkata, India, March 2012. 

    Produced by  Trimukhi Platform & MACE


    R/T POETRY 2   the royal bioscope company

    a facetious and ludic short stage work in Bengali

    R/T Poetry 2 - The Royal Bioscope Company  R/T Poetry 2 - The Royal Bioscope Company  R/T Poetry 2 - The Royal Bioscope Company

    R/T Poetry 2 - The Royal Bioscope Company  R/T Poetry 2 - The Royal Bioscope Company  R/T Poetry 2 - The Royal Bioscope Company

    R/T Poetry 2 - The Royal Bioscope Company  R/T Poetry 2 - The Royal Bioscope Company  R/T Poetry 2 - The Royal Bioscope Company



    video by  ALEJANDRO OROZCO   written and directed by JEAN-FREDERIC CHEVALLIER produced by TRIMUKHI PLATFORM    


    22nd and 23rd March 2012 at 4:30 pm. at Modern Academy of Continuing Education [MACE]

    MACE Hall, Kolkata, West Bengal, India


    R/T Poetry 2 - The Royal Bioscope Company


     About the stage work

     It is often extremely complicated to explain that there is nothing to explain… In contemporary art, what the spectators feel and think by themselves is most important. In R/T Poetry 2: the royal bisocope company, nobody tries to say anything in particular to the audience except: “feel what you want and think what you feel!” That simple thing is not so simple. The question “what has to be done on the stage so the audience produces its own sensations?” is not an easy one to answer. Neither is it always easy for the spectator to let himself go and to stop keeping under control feelings and thought.

    R/T Poetry 2: the royal bisocope company is the second opus in the R/T Poetry series. The rules of the game has been the same: five Bengali students have been rehearsing during ten days (three hours per day) with the French stage director Jean-Frédéric Chevallier at MACE in Kolkata. And as ten days it is a short time, this work  was nothing more than a short stage work. Comparing with R/T Poetry 1, this second opus was maybe more ludic.  

    Watch a video of R/T Poetry 1 - deducation of the voluminous body




    Jean-Frédéric Chevallier

    Born in 1973 in France. He is an independent scholar and a stage director. In 1992, he founded the Feu Faux Lait Group in France and wrote and directed fourteen stage works in France, Spain, Uruguay and Equator - among them Tarry Flynn at Sorbonne University in Paris and Crossing a corridor by swimming at the Terrassa Institute of Theatre in Barcelona. In 2002 he founded in Mexico the Proyecto 3 collective and directed twelve stage works - among them Calderon by Pasolini in National Art Gallery Siqueiros, Hamlet-Machine by Heiner Muller in National Museum of Anthropology and A breaking down and a multiplication of tissue by Matthieu Mével in National University Theatre. Recently he founded in India with Sukla Bar the organisation Trimukhi Platform and put on stage Monsoon Night Dream at Jadavpur University and EZCC. Chevallier is trained in philosophy, sociology and theatrical studies (master degrees). In 2002, he completed with honours a Ph. D. from the Sorbonne University in Paris where he also taught as lecturer during two years. From 2002 till 2009, he was professor of Theatrical Studies and Continental Contemporary Philosophy at the National University (UNAM). He had been a member of the Mexican National Researchers System and director of the Research Centre for Contemporary Theatrical Gesture at Hidalgo University. In his most recent essays published in Mexico, Colombia, France, Belgium, Italy and Canada, he studies the pure potentiality of art, far from any frame of representation or communication. His book “The theatre nowadays, a possible typology” won the International Theatre Essay Award 2011 (Spain/Mexico).




    Trimukhi en españolEn marzo 2012, Jean-Frédéric Chevallier trabajó por segunda vez (Cf. más abajo R/T Poetry 01) con los mismos cinco estudiantes de la Universidad de Jadavpur (Calcuta). Esta vez vez prepararon un montaje teatral ludico alternando momentos de danza clásica de la India, momentos de palabra con antiguos textos de Chevallier traducidos al Bengalí por Sukla Bar y proyecciones en video de Alejandro Orozco. Como en diciembre 2011, el trabajo fue compartido con el publico en el mismo lugar donde había sido ensayado.

    Trimukhi en español...







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