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    Dear Friends of Trimukhi Platform,

    We just came back from Borotalpada (the remote Santal tribal village in West Bengal, India where we are working). A little more than a week ago the Cyclone Phailin had some undeniable “side effects” on our colored Cultural Centre (as Borotalpada is very close to Orissa border): part of the walls fell down… To this has to be added that just before the monsoon started, winds were quite pernicious this year and our roof made with bamboos and straw was shaken up (and somehow shaken down too…). So… we'll have now (and again…) to collect some funds from our friends in order to rebuild those walls and go for a stronger kind of roof – this kind of roof that Borotalpada Santal villagers are dreaming about since a big while already, something not so sensitive to strong winds and heavy rains from cyclone, something worthy and dignified as we all would like it to be. So please: do not hesitate a minute either to help us with some donation or to share the information and need among your own friends. 

    And there is also a good news (always there is one, even sometimes two…): thanks to the help we received in June from some of you in India we were able to cover with tarpaulins the falling roof and no extra big damage occurred during the main monsoon time. The second good news is that during the recent cyclone, our Centre stand on its foots and foundations quite proud and bravely even when surrounded by 25 cm water and close by some trees and bamboos falling down, uprooted…


    Ventilated and windy greetings to all!


    Our first On-line Workshop is starting this week

    Jean-Frédéric Chevallier + Sukla Bar-Chevallier + Falguni & Motilal Hansda + in Kolkata: Arnab Banerjee / Somasree Basu / Mallika Biswas / Damayanti Lahiri + in Borotalpada: ‘Laden’, ‘Doctor’, Salkhan’, ‘Delco’, ‘Vim’, Dhani & Kajol & Parboti & Joba & Surujmoni & Kanai & Anjoli & Chumki & Chintamoni Hansda, Calicharam & Mado & Molina & Sudesna Hembrom, Chamru & Sunita & Girish & Piny & Sombari & Sumi Soren, Chandrai & Tibru & Panmoni Murmu, etc... etc... etc...


    PS. We whisper into the ear of those among you who became, by right, a bit tired with our “beggars” e-mails, that as per Indian rules and regulations we have to wait one more year before our non-for-profit society (“Trimukhi Platform Arts and Cultural Organization”) get the authorization to apply for government grants and private sponsoring – and before we stop bothering you so much each year with our financial but real needs. Meanwhile… what to do? Sorry and cheers!

    Regarding the side effects of a cyclone on a cultural centre Regarding the side effects of a cyclone on a cultural centre Regarding the side effects of a cyclone on a cultural centre


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    Newsletter sent on Thursday 24 October 2013

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