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    WATCHING... // a hd video of


    Bachchader Experimentum

    performed during Night of Theatre n°8


    Here is a full video version (HD, 47 min) of something that maybe is not "theatre done for children" but surely is theatre done by children as this lively experiment is written and performed by Santhal boys and girls aged from 6 to 17 - and performed 3 times consecutively... in 3 different places simultaneously: on the top of a Banyan tree, in the middle of an open field bordering the jungle and inside a half built room in Trimukhi Cultural Centre.

    For all of those who could not make it last February and watch the first presentation during Night of Theatre n°8, this experimental performance will be presented again: end of December 2015 and then in 2016...

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    Reading... // 

    Fabricate (Fabric of) Art - Fabrique de l'Art

    // our yearly journal

    on contemporary arts


    The first issue of Fabrique de l’Art - Fabricate (Fabric of) Arts n°1 is going for printing now. The journal contains texts by Emilio García Wehbi, Gaston Roberge s.j., Rolf Abderhalden, Victor Viviescas, Rodrigo Garcia, Jean-Frédéric Chevallier, Joseph Danan, Denis Guénoun, Matthieu Mével, Julien Nenault, John Butcher, Samantak Das, Nilanjana Gupta, Madhuja Mukherjee, Bidyut Kumar Roy and Miguel Ferrao; visual works by Henri Barande, María José Argenzio and Chittrovanu Mazumdar. You can pre-order a printed copy (200 pages, 21 x 28 cm) at once…

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    Becoming... // 

    Trimukhi Patform

    // a member of

    Trimukhi Platform


    To continue being radically independent, we need your participation. Strengthen your relationship with us and become:

    • Honorary Member  (Shammaniyo bondhu)
    • Aficionado Member (Prishtho poshok)
    • Well wisher Member (Shubhakankhi)

    of Trimukhi Non-for-profit Society.


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    Volunteering... //

    Trimuhi Platform

    // at Trimukhi Cultural Centre

    in Borotalpada village


    Since July 2014, Trimukhi Platform has started an innovative program aimed at giving to 10 tribal youth the tools to operate in an autonomous manner their village Cultural Centre.

    The fourth crash courses session will take place from 22nd to 30th May 2015. One or two volunteers are needed, mainly to teach how to use a computer and how to surf on internet

    // To volunteer = one gives her/his time to help others without receiving anything except the joy of helping others.

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    Trimukhi Platform is a not-for-profit organisation founded in West Bengal, India. It arises from the desire to create a platform from where to act in three different directions: social work, artistic creations and theoretical research. Art and thought need to be produced by all strata of society so there is not only a diversity of propositions but also relevance and accuracy.


    Watching... Reading... Becoming... Volunteering...






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