• What to do with the spectators?

    What to do with the spectators?Proscenium Art Centre organises in Kolkata, in association with Bibhaban and Trimukhi Platform, a theatre workshop to attend the question: what to do with the spectators? This workshop is directed by Jean-Frédéric Chevallier and Supriyo Samajdar. It is divided in two parts: the first one consists in a exploration through contemporary theatre exercises; the second in the preparation of two short stage presentations where a special attention will be given to the spectators. This workshop is open to all.  



    Proscenium Art Centre in association with Bibhaban & Trimukhi Platform present a theatre workshop 

    What to do with the spectators?





    VENUE Proscenium Art Centre - 46 AJC Bose Road - Kolkata 16 [Ripon Street Crossing] SCHEDULE from 13th October till 3rd December 2011 - on Wednesdays [3 to 6 pm.] and Saturdays [2 to 5 pm.] INQUIRIES  98 30 03 49 78 - for PRE-ADMISSION download the admission form, fill it and send it to contact@trimukhiplatform.com

     download the admission form

    see  announcement in The Caravan

     the first part of the workshop ends on 24th October / the second part of the workshop starts on 2nd November 2011




     what to do do with the spectator

    What to do with the spectators?

    The purpose of this workshop is to try to understand through a stage experience the importance and the accurateness of the question: what to do with the spectators? This aim will be pursued through scenic exercises, some theoretical discussions and the preparation of two short theatrical presentations where a special attention will be given to the spectators.

    The first four weeks will consist in an exploration through contemporary theatre exercises: relationships between participants, active concentration on the present moment, search for light, use of a specific space, production of non-figurative body movements, exploration of inner desires and impulses as well as attention to the desires and impulses of other partners.

    In the second part of the workshop (i. e. the last 4 weeks), the group will be split in two: half will work with Samajdar and half with Chevallier. Both half groups will prepare a short stage work to present to the other half group. It will be an occasion to elaborate a structure of the stage that will take into account the spectators and to organize a spatial device that enhances their participations (feeling, thinking, etc.).

    All the participants will be “actors” on one device and “spectators” of the other device. The process will conclude with an open discussion where the accent will be put on the notion of relationship: How does the audience build links with the stage?

    This workshop has therefore not the function of transmitting any knowledge, or of teaching a particular theatrical technique. On the contrary, it aims to interrogate the way one usually builds relationship. Maybe, human relationships operate on different parameters compared to what consumerism branding and globalization want to make us believe. The relation between actors and spectators can become one occasion to think critically about it.



    jean-frédéric chevallier

    What to do with the spectators?Born in 1973 in France. He is an independent scholar and a stage director. He is trained in philosophy, sociology and theatrical studies (master degrees). In 2002, he completed with honours a Ph. D. from the Sorbonne University in Paris where he also taught as lecturer during two years. From 2002 till 2009, he resided in Mexico where he was professor of Theatrical Studies and Continental Contemporary Philosophy at the National University (UNAM). He had been a member of the Mexican National Researchers System and director of the Research Centre for Contemporary Theatrical Gesture at Hidalgo State University. The National University in Colombia and Jadavpur University in India invited him also in several occasions. In his most recent essays published in Mexico, Colombia, France and Canada, he studies the pure potentiality of present art events, far from any frame of representation, communication or conflict. Since 1992, he has directed twelve stage works in France with the Feu Faux Lait company, one in Spain, two in Equator, twelve in Mexico with the Proyecto 3 company, one in Uruguay, one in Colombia and two in India. In West Bengal, he founded with Sukla Bar the group Trimukhi Platform to work on art creation, theoretical research and social action.

    supriyo samajdar

    What to do with the spectators?Born in 1969 in India. He founded Bibhaban, an experimental theatre company in Kolkata, in 1996 and has been directing, writing plays and leading it since. Since 2002 Samajdar is running his research project "Journey” on Mukta Natya (Open Theatre), exploring the relationship  between a spectator and a performer. Presently he is working on a project called "Approach To Silence (A Research in Open Theatre)". He participated in Regula contra Regulam, research project of Teatro La Madrugada, in Brzezinka (Poland) in 2008. His research paper "in search of a new form -open theatre" was selected for a international symposium “Language(s) of Theatre” organized by Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and the Indian Society for Theatre Research (ISTR) and "Grotowski - Alongside - Around - Ahead" at the University of Kent in Canterbury (England) in 2009. These papers were also selected  at the “Indian Drama in the Culture of Occident” International Conference organized by Department of Drama and Theatre University of Lodz (Poland) in 2011.




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